Friday, 6 October 2017


The Material Girls have just had their second exhibition at National Trust, so things have been very busy here. As always I leave things to the last minute (I try not to) so I was knitting up to the last minute, you can see more details of the Exhibition over here.
At the end of this month we are exhibiting at Loughton, really looking forward to setting up this exhibition and I'll be selling my work here!
In the meantime days are full of puppy training, that seems to be slow, Maisie is a chewer especially cables, and never anything cheap she's a girl with expensive tastes, a Dyson fan and an Apple cable!

A few images.

Betsy and Maisie

Maisie with grown up haircut!

Work at National Trust Rainham Hall
Work at National Trust Rainham Hall

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I know......

I've not been blogging for a while but busy with lots of other things, a husband that has semi retired and a new puppy. She's another Miniature Schnauzer  we have named her Maisie.

We have named her Maisie, so apart from walking and enjoying having her and Betsy there has been a lot of holidaying and working on my textile projects for The Material Girls, so you can always keep up with whats happening over on their sites which I update on a regular basis (well I try)!

The Material Girls have an exhibition at a new venue for us, really looking forward to showing our work there.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Another chance to see this exhibition

There will be work here that wasn't shown in the previous exhibition.....